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Stochastic Lints

Developer:Stochastic Lints
Based On:Santiago, Chile
Description:Small independent studio from Chile, composed of a programmer and an artist. We are currently working on a physics game called Posable Heroes.

Posable Heroes

Fact Sheet

Genre: 2d Physics Puzzle
Release date: Late 2017
Platforms: PC
Links: Official Site

Short pitch

Posable Heroes is a game about making physical animations.
Pose your character and press play to see the new movie. Keep adding poses until you solve the level!


In Posable Heroes you are in charge of creating an animation that will solve a level.

Your job is to find what poses the characters need to strike in order to achieve the current objective. Sometimes an arm needs to be extended. Sometimes the character needs to contract like a ball. And sometimes a punch in the face is the only solution. Each level will require new movements and to take into account the physics of each object involved. Since you control each limb, you can walk, jump, throw, kick, and fall, in your own way.

Not only the positions of the limbs need to be set, the timing is very important. Ducked too late? You'll be hit! Took too much time to extend your legs? Your jump will be weak and short.

If you are happy with the current result, keep adding poses and moving the animation forward. Eventually, you will have a full movie that solves the entire level. Not happy? Go back, change the poses you don't like and fix your movement. Nobody is rushing you so feel free to experiment and try out what you think may work.

Once your movie is complete, be proud and share it to the world!






Programming: Agustin Antonissen
Art: Juan Saavedra