Several things to report since my last update.

So, the first big new is that the games was greenlit. Not too big of a deal since it was on the last batch of the greenlight system (rip). At first, Posable Heroes was one of the firs 48 titles to be greenlit. I thought that meant that maybe they will be approving around 50 titles per day. But I was soon corrected when hundreds or thounsands of game were approved the next day.

I guess it makes sense, why reject projects when they can easily reenter a few days later on Steam Direct?

The second new is that the levels are almost finished. I'm working hard on updating the programmer art to final art. Also updating the comic that tell the story.


New artwork implementations already on the way.

Here are a few screenshots (new and old) so you can compare the diference.

Level 2 (before):

Level 2 (now):

Level 3 (before):

Level 3 (now):

Level 12 (before):

Level 12 (now):

Level 13 (before):

Level 13 (now):


I've been preparing stuff to go to Greenlight, but the trailers not ready yet as some levels are still with old graphics.

Stresfull week.


The game's name has changed! Now it's called Posable Heroes.

The reasoning behind the change is that "Most Poser" sounded very weird, and was too long. I chose one that was simpler to say and actually tells a lot about the game.


An artist has joined me in the project!
This mean we've been busy sketching and drawing and trying to find an art style for the whole game.

After a few iteration, we went from the left image to the right one:

Then we did some doodles trying to find the looks for the main character:

After choosing number 11 to develop, several iterations were made to achieve the final product. I'm very happy with it.

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